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Cookie’ files

A file ‘cookie’, or ‘cookie’ is a text file saved by a website on a computer or on any other device
connected to the Internet, enabling this website to locate a visitor`s websearch or storing
information or settings in it.

Tł uses ‘cookie’ files on its websites to enhance its functioning and to offer different
functions and services for potential users. A user may limit or block the use of ‘cookie’ files via
his/her websearch; we need to remember that using certain functions available on the
websites may be impossible by such activities.

Tł service uses ‘cookie’ files, which fulfill different functions, among others: saving
information given by a user browsing the website, as well as storing data concerning the way
any website is used, including the contents clicked by a user during website browsing.

These ‘cookie’ files may be transferred to our provider of analytical tools, but they are used
exclusively in relation to functioning of our websites. ‘Cookie’ files also save such information
referring to using any website, thanks to which we may offer the users discounts and other
information matching their interests. 

Each type of a websearch offers blocking and deleting ‘cookie’ files. More information on
administering ‘cookie’ files may be obtained via help available on websearches


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